Hochiki Corporation, a leading manufacturer of fire detection, has been operating as a company since 1918. Since then 18 subsidiaries have been formed around the globe including manufacturing locations in the United States, Japan, and the UK. We have over 1,000 employees worldwide, with a state of the art manufacturing facility in Buena Park, California, USA.

We have been manufacturing in California since the 1970s. Some of our major OEM clients have been /are Simplex (over 20 years), Silent Knight, Radionics, Bosch, Potter, Napco and Fike to name a few. Our longstanding relationships are due to our high quality workmanship. Quality is “built in” using only the finest raw materials for production. We also provide custom- built and application solutions for our clients which are also value-added services far beyond what other companies offer. Hochiki products are engineered with innovative technology and unsurpassed reliability, and are tested to UL, FM, and other rigorous industry standards. Our internal operating procedures are per ISO 9001:2008, the highest and most recognized standard in the industry. In addition, Hochiki-manufactured products have a full three-year warranty.

Hochiki America offers complete, cost-effective fire alarm / life safety systems. From conventional and intelligent fire alarm control panels, to smoke and heat detectors, to notification appliances and test equipment - we have a complete solution for any project, large or small.


Home page: http://www.hochikiamerica.com/